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Southern Africa is still facing challenges with many infectious diseases, including malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. Besides this, many Southern African countries lack well-established research platforms, which could contribute to address some of the key health-related knowledge gaps and inform health policy. Within this specific context, the TESA III consortium aims to develop, strenghten and expand clinical research capacities in Southern Africa for conducting clinical trials with the highest research standards on those infectious diseases responsible for the highest morbidity and mortality in the region.

With TESA III, 15 institutions from 9 African and 3 European countries come together to strengthen and enhance the capacities for clinical research in Southern Africa built during TESA, and to strengthen the collaboration of North-South and South-South networking activities among its members.

To achieve this, TESA III focuses on transfering technology, strengthening the capacities among partner sites in Southern Africa, promoting professional development and scientific leadership and fostering collaborations to maximize impact. TESA develops specific activities aiming to increase researchers critical mass devoted to health, develop first-class institutions engaging clinical trials to prevent poverty-related diseases and promote dialogue between researchers, communities and policymakers


  1. To promote and consolidate the TESA network activities across the region and to involve other countries which are not yet part of the network.
  2. To use the established regional reference laboratories and joint clinical trials for on-the-job training in Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis, and promote basic studies for the LDS to engage in hands on training at their sites and, also to provide a financial support for some infrastructure upgrades.
  3. To establish and promote capacity building built from TESA II, including data management, data and analysis and data sharing across the network.
  4. To establish a joint platform with national and regional agencies to develop and straightening collaboration on evidence sharing for the decision-making process, dialogue between researchers, communities, and policy-makers to maximize the impact of clinical research in Africa.

Latest News

The TESA VII Steering Committee took place on February 20-21, 2020 at Garden Court and Southern Sun Hotel, in Johannesburg.
The objectives of the meeting were the following:

The 2nd TESA General Assembly was held in Namibia, Windhoek from 28th to 29th 2019.
The aim of the meeting was to share with all TESA members the project status and discuss the implementation issues and discuss the plan and strategy for year 3.

The network meeting was held on 19th to 20th November 2019 at Africa CDC, Africa Union Headquarters, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with the aim of facilitating collaborations between African and European scientists geared towards closing regional and gender imbalan

Angola is a TESA network member and, based on this partnership, a delegation of the Angolan Health Research Centre (CISA) visited Manhiça in April and May 2018.


TESA is seeking for a suitably qualified and experienced consultant to undertake the development of the comprehensive Strategic Business Plan

TESA III Kick-off Meeting

The TESA III kick-off meeting will be the first meeting to be held by the project stakeholders within the consortium. This will bring together high-level project stakeholders such as the project sponsor (EDCTP association) and beneficiaries, state members and government representatives, management teams, including managers and project coordinators, researchers and the leaders of other regional networks of excellence. The meeting will be held on 29th September 2021 virtually – via Zoom meeting. The aim of the TESA III kick-off meeting is to discuss the overall project plan and set up a good strategy to implement the project.